Friday, April 2, 2010

Did you get it?

Did you get in on the free hair color yesterday? What's that you say? You knew nothing about it? Well, that must be because you aren't a fan on Facebook!!


The Coupon Junkie has a great post on My Little Ponies at Toys R Us.
Also at TRU-

Mr Potato Head for $1.99 with coupon.

Glow Worm for $2.99 with coupon.


There are P&G coupons coming out this week. Get extra. Next week at Walgreens, there will be a deal with Oral B toothbrushes. They will be 3/$9 with a $3 RR. Use 3 $2 coupons and they will all 3 be free after RR.


I didn't even go to Kroger this week. Pick your jaw up off of the floor. I just wasn't impressed. I did go to Food Lion, but still didn't get much. Slow weeks are why I love my stockpile!! I found some Land of Frost lunchmeat on closeout for $.69 and used $.60 peelies on them, making them $.09 each. I don't like them, but the kids do, so I tossed some in the freezer. We have sandwiches a lot in warmer weather, especially for picnics and that sort of thing.

I had my $5 Smithfield coupon and used it on a ham on sale for $8.99. $3.99 isn't bad for a ham, and we will have it for Easter dinner.

Hormel Completes were $2 each. I've not had them before that I can recall, so I bought one and used a $1 coupon on it.

I also bought some more of the macaroni and cheese I talked about in my last post before the coupons expired. :) No 5 year old melt-downs in my house!!


The only great deal I got at Walmart was overage on Reese's Dark. They are .50 and the coupons are for .55.
Diet Coke 24 packs were $5.98 though. :)


Some people are reporting that John Frieda RR's are rolling (meaning you can use a JF RR to do the same deal again.) This is a total your mileage may vary type of thing. Buy 3 for $5 each, use 3 $3 coupons, pay $6..unless you already have RR's from something else. You will get a $5 RR. Do the same deal over again, using your $5 RR to pay. You will probably need a tiny filler and will need several coupons. Good luck!

Have a great shopping day!

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