Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well, you know how it is..

you want to make something, look in the fridge and/or pantry and realize you need a couple of things from the store. Man, I hate going to the store blind. I wasn't even sure what was on sale, but I still got some good deals!

Capri-sun- $1.99- $1 coupon = .99
3 packs of Ronzini Smart Taste pasta $1.00 each- 3 .50 coupons, which doubled= FREE
pack of Bumblebee tuna $1.00- .75 coupon= .25

The Old El Paso products had a sign, buy 3, get $1 back. I had a coupon that said buy 2, get a free can of refried beans. I bought 2 taco seasonings and got the free can, making all three .99

I also found, in the freezer section, 2 packs of these little pork chops wrapped in bacon. They were made by Farmland and were on closeout for .99 each. I used 2 .75 coupons and 1 $1.00 coupon and got six pork chops for .98

So, they worked out pretty well. I am considering going back just for more of the pasta. I hate our Krogers 3 like coupons rule. :(


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This weekend will be great for sure to get plenty! There are also some great coupons up on (link to the left)


At Walgreens there is a deal where you get 8 Hallmark cards and get a $5 RR back. You can buy the .49 kids cards for this, making them $3.92, and you will get a $5 RR. You can also get the .99 cards, which is not a profit, but you only spend $2.92 for 8 cards.

I am going to hit Walmart and possibly Walgreens today! Wish me luck!

Have a great shopping day!

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