Friday, March 26, 2010

Mac and cheese anyone?

I was doing a little shopping at Food Lion the other day, and one of the employees came over and handed me these FL/Kraft booklets. They run out on March 30th. I already had some, but when she handed them to me, she told me if I wanted, I could use the $1/5pack Kraft macaroni and cheese on the single boxes of the Deluxe Macaroni. (Most places will probably not let you do that, but since she old me I could, I jumped on it) Food Lion's price on Kraft Deluxe? $1.40. I bought 6 for .40 each! (And still bought a 5 pack of the other because my kids LOVE it. Seriously. If my 5 year old doesn't have it, it's a battle)

When I got to the checkout, I hear the front manager tell the cashiers to push the Reese's eggs. Apparently, they have a lot. So, she asked me and I said yes, then turned to her manager and said in a joking tone, "See how good she is at her job?" Being friendly sometimes pays off. The cashier gave me a $5 Smithfield coupon that someone had given her! Now, I'd have been friendly anyway, because there's really no reason not to, but that made my day! (Yes, I know it takes very little to please me.)

In the end, I got 6 boxes of Deluxe mac and cheese, 5 boxes of reg. mac and cheese, FL brand onion soup mix (the real reason I had gone to FL), 2 Reeses eggs, 1 Jennie-O italian sausage pack (marked down $2.09-$1 coupon), 2 Kraft singles (- 2 $1 coupons), 1 FL chopped ham lunch meat (marked down $1.75), and some Chinet napkins (marked down .99 - $1 coupon) for ....drumroll please...$12.13

If Food Lion ever starts doubling coupons, I may never leave.


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I have my Kroger receipt, but now I have forgotten what was on the sale and what wasn't!! I am having a LOT of blonde days lately. Here are some of the things I'm sure of:

Classico sauces (used .50 coupons) FP .49 each
Bumblebee tuna (bought 4, used one $1/2 coupon because it's all I had) FP .24 each
Coke product 2 liters (bought 3, used a $1/3 coupon) FP .46 each
TGIF anytizers (used $1 coupon) FP $1.79
Kraft cheese (bought 6, used $1/2 coupons) FP $1.17 each
Wesson Oil (used .35 coupon doubled) FP $1.29
A1 Steak sauce $2.49, but used $1 Beef wyb A1 coupon

Those were some of the best ones that trip anyway. I did get 2 Snickers bars free. They were .50 each and I had a .50/2 coupon, which doubled


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I hope you have a great shopping day!

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