Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kroger's Mega Sale

A brand new Kroger mega-sale?! Ohhh the joy!! The excitement! The full pantry!!! I love Kroger. I really, really do. I went the other day (and will be going back, believe me!) for the new buy 10, get $5 off sale. Here's some of the things I bought (prices are before discount- the discount takes off .50 per item- FP [final price] is after coupon and discount):

3 Philly cream cheese $1.49 each (used $1.25/3 coupon) FP-$1.72/3
1 I Can't Believe it's Not Butter Sticks $1.91 (used $1 coupon) FP .41
4 Propel waters .99 each (used $1/4 coupon) FP .96/4
6 Kraft shredded cheese 1.99 each (used 3 $1/2 coupons) FP- $5.94/6
1 Frank's Hot Sauce 1.69 (used .50 coupon, doubled) FP- .19
3 Finish (Electrosol) detergent $3.49 each (used 3 $2.50 coupons) FP-$1.47/3
1 Nature's Valley Nut Clusters $2.69 (used $1 coupon and $1 Cellfire coupon) FP .19
1 I Can't Believe it's Not Butter 2 tub set 1.99 (used .50 coupon, doubled) FP .49
1 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel $1.99 (used 1.00 coupon) FP .49
1 Kraft Miracle Whip $1.99 (no coupon, but I needed it before my kids attacked me) FP $1.49
2 Green Giant Steamers $1.99 each (used 2 .40 coupons that doubled) FP .69 each
1 Rotel tomatoes 1.00 (used .30 coupon, doubled) FP .10 overage
2 French's Mustard (one honey mustard, one regular)- $1.69 each (used 2 .50 coupons, doubled) FP .19 each
1 Hormel Chili Master Chili $1.34 (used .50 coupon, doubled) FP .16 overage
1 I Can't Believe it's Not Butter spray $1.89 (used .50 coupon, doubled) FP .39
1 Wheat Thin's Cracker $2.20 (used $1 coupon) .70

I also found (not in mega sale)
packages of Hillshire Farm Deli meat in one flavor (turkey) marked down to .59 each. They were almost out of date, but they can be frozen.

Some of the CoverGirl make up is on closeout (packages are changing in a lot of them) for just over $3 (and some under $3) and I still have several $3/1 coupons

In the end, with the other things I bought, I saved 70% My total was $34.71, including tax, and I bought toilet paper, 2 CG cosmetics, the deli meat (3), 1 12 pack Kroger drinks, 1 Kroger American cheese, 1 Sour cream, 2 Kroger OJ's, 1 pack tortillas, 2 Kroger breads, 2 bags cat food, and 1 Soft soap ensembles refill (closeout for $2.47, and there was a $2 coupon on it)

I am pretty darn satisfied!!!

Check here for Kraft coupons, most are included in the sale. (Thanks to

Click here for a SCJohnson rebate!!!


I'm going to try to hit Kroger again tomorrow after I go to Walmart. Wish me luck. They're calling for snow and the stores will be packed. Snow=mass panic in KY. :)
Have a great shopping day!

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