Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Deals, deals, deals...

Well, first things first... should tell you about the good buys I got today. I went to Walgreens first. I got 3 Sunsilk shampoos, 3 candy things (for my kids), 1 box of hair color, 1 toothbrush...I paid $3.18 out of pocket, and got back $5.50 to use next time I'm in. First, the Sunsilk was on clearance for $1.25. I had coupons for all 3 that made them all free. The candy things were 25 cents each on clearance. The toothbrush was $4.49, I used a 75 cent coupon...got back $4.50 in register rewards for that one. The haircolor...Colorsilk is on sale for $1.99, and you get $1 register rewards back. In front of the Colorsilk display was a tearpad for $1 off. FREE hair color! Again, rr are limited, so you can only buy 1 Colorsilk per transaction.

I went to Kroger. They had Healthy Ones ham (lunchmeat) marked 99 cents..it was marked discontinued. I had 75 cent off coupons, so I got them for 24 cents each. (I only got to buy 3 because my Kroger has a limit of 3 like coupons per transaction, but heck...that's cheap ham!) Butterball Deep Fried Turkey lunchmeat was marked discontinued at $1.99 and I had $1 off coupons. 99 cents for some great turkey!! Glade Plug ins (the gel ones) are $1.89....I had BOGOF coupons, and until Oct 4th (at leat in my region) you get $2 back for each one you buy. So, I paid $1.89 and got back $4. I also had a coupon for a free Glade Scented oil warmer..you also get the $2 back on those. So, I got a free $2. All in all, $6 for paying $1.89, and I have 2 gel warmers and one oil one. (Actually, you should see my laundry room...these have been on sale everywhere...I could open a Glade store.)

So, I guess today's theme is always be on the lookout for bargains. Kroger often has bread marked down from the bakery. I get that, and either prepare it that night, or I freeze it until I'm ready for it. Rolls, cheese bread, garlic bread...even cakes and pies. I always check the marked down meat. If you use it or freeze it same day, it's fine. (Of course, I often prepare it into something and freeze the whole thing for a meal later on, but that's another blog.) I occasionally buy dented cans, marked down milk, or marked down produce. Milk can be frozen. Produce doesn't last long around here. Dented cans...well, we use a can of SOMETHING every night.

Recently, Krogers was marking down milk to $1.99. It's sell by date was 2 days away. (milk is still good several days past sell by). I bought several gallons and put them in my freezer. I have milk for all month, and I didn't have to pay $3.79 for ANY of it. When you thaw the milk it is good for at least a week. When Sara Lee came out with a free bread coupon a few weeks ago, I got coupons from everyone I could think of...I ended up with 19. I froze them. When they thaw, there is no difference in taste or texture. Invest in a freezer. It's worth it.

I meant to tell you about CVS's program today, but I got off on something else, so I'll save it for tomorrow. Keep looking for those mark downs, and try to pair them with your coupons for maximum savings.

Have a great day!

Today's product review:

Steam and Mash potatoes from Ore Ida. You steam these in the bag, and when they come out, you just mash them with a potato masher. They are SO handy. I hate peeling potatoes. The texture and taste is great. This is a good way to get real mashed potatoes quickly. They ARE pricey though, so if they aren't on sale or there's no coupon, I wouldn't bother. If you catch them on sale (with a coupon, of course) stock some. They're great in a hurry.

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