Monday, September 29, 2008

Let's get started!

Ok, here are some things to get you started.

Look for $1 off Johnson's Buddies products, $1 off Kotex (assuming you need them), $2 off Kashi cereal (get a printable here:, $1 off Wellpatch, and the $5 off Febreze Noticeables starter kit (just came out this past weekend in the P&G insert).

Now, at Walmart..Johnson's Buddies soaps are about 94 cents (I say about because some Walmarts vary by a few pennies) minus your $1 off coupons, they are free. (Remember what I said about getting multiple coupons?) Kotex pantyliners are $1..minus your kashie cereal is about $2.98- coupon=$.98. Wellpatch has a pack of ONE patch for 97 cents. The coupon is good for ANY Febreze Noticeables are about $5.97- coupon= 97 cents.

Always read the coupon for where it either says "any" or "not valid on trial size". If it says ANY, it can be used on smaller or trial sized products. I personally do not buy trial sized products unless I am going on a trip. I don't want to store a million little bottles. I also know that the coupon will likely come into play soon, and I can get a full sized product free or really cheap.

Also, Walmart's coupon acceptance policy is here:
Print it and keep it with your coupons. Some Walmarts do not want to take printable coupons. The corporate number is on the website should you have any problems. (Some Walmarts have no problems with printables)

Now, let's move on to Walgreens. I hope you have a Walgreens. They have been rocking lately. Walgreens has a program called "Register rewards". If you buy certain products in the ad, you get a coupon for your next visit. These do not roll on the same product. For example...this week, if you buy and Oral B Cross Action toothbrush for $4.49, you will receive a coupon for $4.49 to use on your next order. (BTW- if you use the 75 cent coupons that just came out this weekend, you come out 75 cents AHEAD for buying this toothbrush). If you take your $4.49 coupon back into Walgreens to buy another toothbrush, another coupon will NOT print. HOWEVER, if you use that $4.49 coupon to buy the Kellogs cereal on sale ( 2/$5 and get a $2 RR), you will pay 51 cents out of pocket for the cereal, and get $2 in RR back. To roll, the RR must be from different companies.

The downside about Walgreens...there is not a "coupon policy" across the board. There is what it is SUPPOSED to be, and there are managers who make their own. WG DOES take printables. You CAN use a WG STORE coupon (the store coupons are in the ad, as well as the Easysaver booklets at the front of the store with the ad) and a manufacturer's coupon at the same time. For example, let's say your aluminum foil is on sale with the 7 day coupon in the ad for $1.50, and you have a man. coupon for 50 cents. Using both coupons, the price is $1. You CANNOT use 2 man. coupons on the same product. You ARE allowed to use more than 1 RR on an order as long as you have more items than you do coupons, and the amount of the RR doesn't exceed the price of your order.

Also look into the Easysaver rebate program. Often, the rebates run along with sales and coupons. Recently, Glade items were on sale, there were good coupons out, and rebates from the Easysaver. All you have to do is go to the Walgreens website and enter your number on your receipt. Click save. At the end of the month, claim your rebates. You can only claim them once a month for payment, so be sure when you do, you are done buying rebate items for that month. They will send you the rebate in a check, or on a gift card. If you choose gift card, they will add 10% to it. I always get the gift card. You can then use it the next month to buy more rebate items. If you keep your gift card after it is empty, you can just enter the number and have them load the same one instead of waiting for another in the mail.

I hope I explained that well enough. Questions can always be sent to me at

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