Monday, September 29, 2008

Writing companies

What products do you like? What do you use most often? Have you ever written the companies to let them know? Look on the back of your favorite products. Is there an email address? Or, just Google the product. There will likely be a "contact us" on the website.

I bring this up because often I write companies and tell them what I do and do not like about the products. Companies like to know what is working well about their products, or what isn't. They also will likely reward your time with some great coupons. SCJohnson has one of the best customer services I have ever seen. Sometimes I tell them what I like, sometimes I tell them what I don't like. Either way, they usually send me coupons not only for the item I wrote them about, but also a little booklet of coupons for various SCJohnson products.

I have written to companies about food, cleaning products, health and beauty items, pens/school supply products...even restaurants. Most send some kind of coupon. Kraft does not. Ever. At least for products you like. I have never written them about a problem with a product because I haven't had any. You can write them and let them know your opinion just to let them know they are appreciated, but you probably won't get a coupon.

Be honest. Give them an honest opinion on products that you have tried. Be enthusiastic if you liked it, or kind if you didn't. There is never a reason to be rude about it. For example, recently, I bought a bottle of Arm and Hammer spray cleaner. My trigger leaked every time you used it. I wrote them and told them that I had recently bought their product to try, and the trigger leaked. I didn't know if it was just my bottle or a flaw with the design, but I wanted to let them know and I thanked them. They sent me a lovely email and refunded my purchase price of the bottle. I feel good about Arm and Hammer, and will continue to buy and recommend their products.

Writing the companies helps the company as well as you. They get ideas on what products are working, and new ones to develop, and you get coupons. It's a win/win!

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