Monday, March 16, 2009

Ads and free tomato seeds!

Get FREE tomato seeds from Campbells. You have to enter a code from soup.

Codes you can use:
P13 (first box)-25 (second box)- Chicken Noodle
EST4C-11 - Beef with vegetables
P5-03 (cream of chicken)


Go to to print a $2 coupon for Snuggle Creme (use your 'back' button and you can print 2) These have been $4 at my Walmart, for good sized bottles.


Walgreens has a good deal on Listerine and Reach. They are 3/$9 and you get a $6 RR when you buy 3. In this past weekend's paper, there is a $3/3 coupon. Combining the 2, they will be free after RR. The Total Care mouthwash will not work for this deal.

Also, the Dove RR are still printing, and Dove is 25% off. You can use your Reach/Listerine RR to buy Dove products in another transaction, then use the Dove RR to buy more of the Listerine ones, rolling your RR's.


Kroger still has the mega deal going. They have "Get $10 off your next shopping trip coupon (OYNO) when you buy $25 in participating products,Maximum of $30 reward with $75 purchase. Valid through 3/28)
Included products are
Fiber Choice
Nicoderm CQ
Breathe Right

Some other ads have a Unilever deal:

Real Fans Get Real Savings" event Save $5 instantly when you purchase $15 in participating Unilever products. Limit one reward per transaction
( Prices before discount)
Hellmann's Mayonnaise-22oz squeeze or 30 oz jar -2/$7
Breyers Ice cream -$2.99
Lipton Tea Bags- 100 ct-2/$6
Lipton Iced Tea To Go - 2/$5
Lipton Family Size bags - select varieties -2/$4
Klondike Bars -2/$6
Ragu Pasta Sauce -2/$3
Coupons for the Lipton can be found in the Redplum from January 18th

My ad does not have the Unilever deal, so I will have to see if there are shelf tags when I get there. Remember, my ad runs from Sunday-Saturday, so your dates/items may be slightly different.


CVS has Irish Spring body wash free after ECB today and tomorrow only

Reg deals are:

Colgate Max Whitening Toothpaste 6 oz or Max Toothbrush $2.99, Get $2.99 ECBs (use 75 cents off coupon) Limit 1

Right Guard Sport, Soft & Dri, Dry Idea, or Xtreme Deodorant $2.99, Get $2 ECBs - Limit is supposed to be one, but some have done it 3 times.
Use coupons on or for a money maker deal.

Bic Soleil System 4 ct. $6.99, Get $3 ECBs -Limit 2 $2 coupons just came out, making these only $1.99 not free, but cheap.

Glade Buy $10, Get $3 ECBs Limit 5 (lots of coupons just came out for these)

Hershey's Buy $15, Get $5 ECBs- limit 1-there are $1 Bliss coupons

L'Oreal Buy $20, Get $5 ECBs Limit 4- there were a lot of Loreal coupons in February..

Keeblers and Nabiscos (I believe these are the smaller packs) are 5/$5 so if you have the $2/2 coupons and your store rings them at $1 each, they are free.


I will try to get Rite Aid up tomorrow.


I am really going to start looking at Food Lion. They don't double coupons which REALLY bothers me, but they DO send out printables for their store, which usually turn out to be a good deal.


I got my Glade Sense and Spray from BzzAgent today. I got Clean Linen, which is one of my FAVORITE scents. This little thing is SNAZZY. I have been using the Lysol and/or the Air Wick ones that spray every so often..well..I use those in the boys' bathroom because boys sometimes don't smell so nice. The boys aren't home during the day, though, and that little sucker is just in there spraying away. Now, thinking about it...that's not saving me money.

This Glade bad-boy however is motion activated (up to 5 feet!) so it will only spray when they go in there! AND to keep them from playing with boys locks the motion sensor for 30 minutes so they can't overspray. It also has a "burst" button- you know...if you KNOW someone is going to go use your bathroom...just in case. It's better looking than the Air Wick and the Lysol, too, which look like they belong in a gas station restroom.

I am buying one for the other bathroom, and darn it, I might buy one for the living room, too. I really, REALLY like this.


Sign up for the Arby's extras if you haven't already. You can do it on their website. They are sending out awesome coupons lately.

Also, sign up for the TGIFridays stripes card...they are sending out some darn good ones, too!


Your free Redbox code for today is 2GR4N8- good until midnight.


Everyone have a great shopping day!

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