Friday, March 6, 2009

free plants!

Spring Hill nursery is offering $20 free merchandise. You do have to pay shipping. This would be great for lanscaping or gardening.

I think I am going to plant some things this year. I have planted tomatoes for a few years now, and last year, I planted squash and cucumbers as well. It was nice it being right out there. So, I bought seeds for cucumbers, squash, zucchini, green beans, lettuce, carrots, and black eyed peas. I am going to start them indoors. I will buy my tomato plants from a nearby nursery that sells them really cheap. If have room for a garden, try it out. If you don't, you can plant tomatoes in planters.


All You magazine...I may have mentioned only sold through subscription or through Walmart. It's a great magazine and it usually has really good coupons. I recommend it!!!


If you are looking for something to read...try books by Janet Evanovich. They are hilarious. Her Stephanie Plum series is really amusing. It's crime, but with a lot of smiles thrown in. There is some language if you are offended by that sort of thing.


Sterlite..they make containers, rolling carts, etc...they have really good customer service. I contacted them because I bought a rolling cart...I never really moved it from the spot I put it in. I go to move it, and the wheels COLLAPSE. Grrr. So, I look and the spot where the back 2 wheels are is out of shape. They sent me a new bottom section for the cart and 2 new wheels.


I have heard that Walgreens is doing away with the Easy Saver rebates. This kinda saddens me...but I DID hear that they will increase the Register Rewards program. If they do, that will kind of even it out.

Speaking of...there is a child's Pepto in WATERMELON flavor only on clearance at a lot of Walgreens. If you buy 3, you get an $8 rr. The clearance price varies, but hovers around $1.39


Some CVS's have 90% off of certain things. Worth checking out if you are nearby. $14.99 robes for $1.49 I think they are Valentine's Day leftovers.


I don't have a Super Target near me, but if you do, there are coupons here: for Sutton and Dodge meat...$2. Some package prices hover just over $2. A great deal on meat! I'm jealous!

Have a great shopping day!

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