Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shopping this week's a free Dr Pepper comes mailed to you.

Walgreens has been great this week. Not only do the 99 cent soaps qualify for the register rewards, but so do trial size deodorants. If you have deodorant coupons, you can probably use them if they don't specify a size. Buy 8, get $10 register rewards.

Something else I was able to do there....the 1 sleeve Ritz cracker boxes are BOGOF at @1.99. I used a $2/2 coupon (it doesn't specify sizes) and got 2 for free.

The Starbucks chocolate is 2/$10 at my store..inside the easy saver booklet is a coupon for $6/2 bags. There have been tearpads of $1 off coupons all over the place. I have seen them at both Walmart and Kroger. So, using the easysaver coupon and the $1 coupons, you pay $1 each for the bags. Not bad. This is yummy chocolate. This deal is good all month.

Tuesday, I went to Walgreens...I got the Axe hair care FAR, the Colgate Max free after RR, a clearance toy, 4 candy bars, 2 Starbucks chocolate using the deal above, 8 Dove bars, and a couple of other odds and ends...after rebate and RR, my out of pocket was around $4

Today, I went back...I bought bobby pins (it was windy today!), 2 of the Ritz crackers, 1 box of Sambucol (there is a $10 easy saver coupon and a $4 coupon on their website. It's reg. $12.99, making this a money maker), 4 candy bars, 2 Starbucks chocolate..the total was $30 something before coupons...I paid a little over $4

I found smaller bottles of Johnson's 24 hour lotion (the grown-up lotion) next to the big bottles for 97 cents at Walmart today...there is a $1 off coupon out, making these free.

At the photographer in most stores...there is a bag that says "moms matter". Inside are some really good coupons. There is one for $3 off any Cascade and it is rolled back to $4 at WM, and a $5 off Swiffer starter kit, which is $8. There are many more coupons inside.

Kroger had 4 lb bags of Iams Smart puppy dog food for $6.59. This pairs well with the $5 coupon in the recent P&G insert.

If you have coupons for Glade Lasting Impressions of Sense and Spray, they will be on sale at Walgreens next week for $7.99, and there is also a $4 easy saver coupon in the booklet. There is also a BOGOF coupon on the website, as well as $ off coupons. and both have $5 Huggies coupons on them! There will be a deal on them next week at Walgreens, too. (spend $25 and get $10 rr-- remember the $25 is before coupons)

I'm exhausted now!
Have a great shopping day!

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