Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good afternoon!!

A lot of Kmarts are doubling again this week! It was probably in your local ad if they are.


Cellfire has some new coupons up to load to your Kroger card!


Kroger didn't really have anything I thought I couldn't live without, so I haven't been this week. I DID look at the ad...

Buy 3 Coke products 3/$12 and get 2 free boxes of Ritz crackers. If you have the $1 off of Coke Zero AND another coke product, it's 3/$11. Not a fabulous price, but at least something comes free with it.

Quaker Oat Squares, Life, or Cap'n Crunch cereals are on sale if you buy four, they are $1.50 each. I know I have coupons for the Quaker cereal somewhere. There are $1/2 coupons on coupons.com (link to the left)

Kraft cheese 3/$5. I don't know if the 2% is included, but if it is, I still have 75 cent coupons from the blinkies that were there last month. (This is why I always say get extras!! I picked up a couple every time I went in) Makes them about .92 each.

Eggs are very cheap right now. These CAN be frozen if you freeze them in certain ways. You can find that information here: http://whatscookingamerica.net/Eggs/FreezingEgg.htm Stock up while they are cheap!


Walgreens has a rebate to get $5 back when you buy $10 in Con Agra foods. The Hunts tomato sauce that is on sale this week is part of it. With the coupon in the ad, the price is 39 cents a can. They will ring up reg. price, and the coupon will come off at the end. The price it rings up originally is what qualifies for the rebate.


It seems to be a pretty slow week sales wise. I hope it's better next week!


I now have a small stockpile of Quaker Quakes from the Kroger deals. They are really good!!!!! I don't even like rice cakes! LOL


My seedlings for my vegetables are getting big. I am going to have to transplant them soon. I hope that it helps with my veggie budget!! I have noticed there haven't been any great deals on vegetables since the free Green Giant steamers before Christmas. It's hard to pay much for them when you have been getting them free!


Remember when I said to write the companies? Let them know what you like/don't like about the products. I wrote 4 companies yesterday. I intend to write as often as I can, and I will post the results here.

This week, I wrote:

Quaker- praise for the Quakes and Mini Delights

Glade- praise for the new Fragrance collection candles

Green Giant Steamers- praise

Swiffer sweeper/wet jet- told them that while I liked the product, I still have to use my reg. broom and mop.


I am impressed with Chili's and I intend to write them and tell them so. Sunday, we went after church to eat. The meal was taking a while, but we were talking, etc, so other than a whiney 4 year old, it wasn't as bad as I have had before. The shift manager came over to the table, apologized, and told us he was buying us a molten for dessert. A lot of restaurants don't bother. They may tell you they are sorry you had to wait, but that's it. Just because of that little extra, they will probably get more business from us. I like to do business with places that have good customer service.


Save $4 on 10 weight watchers smart ones. (hopefully, there will be a nice sale to go along with this soon) : http://offers.eatyourbest.com/Coupon/


Coupons.com (link to the left) has some $5 off Leapster games, $10 off Leapster 2, $5 off Hasbro Elefun game, $5 Hasbro Gator golf, $4 Leapfrog Tag books (some were on clearance at Walmart), $5 Didj books, $10 off Tag system, $5 off Guess who extras, $10 off Didj system, as well as regular coupons.


Ever see a product in a gift set (such as Fusion gift sets) and wonder if your coupon (such as Fusion razor) will work on it? Look at the first set of numbers of the upc, and see if the first set of numbers on the coupon is the same. If it is, it will work. (not the small number to the left, the first set) Please use coupons responsibly.


I got Children's Claritin from BzzAgent. They are grape chewable tablets, and I have already fed my youngest one, because he has been sneezing and had a runny nose since yesterday. He liked the taste, they were easy for him to take, and so far, he seems to be feeling better. Unfortunately, all three of my children suffer from seasonal allergies, and Claritin helps keep them from being drowsy the way Benedryl does. In fact, he is outside playing right now. At least this is one less thing I will have to worry about today!


Have a great shopping day!

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