Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kroger, stockpile and update

I thought I'd show you some of my beauty stockpile. My medicines are still boxed up for the most part from the bathroom remodel, and I am still waiting on my wall cabinet. My food needs to be straightened out, so I'd be embarrassed for you to see it. LOL
I had an exhausting day at Kroger yesterday, but I saved 61%, which I consider really good considering I bought a lot of chicken.

Campbell's Healthy Harvest Healthy Choice soup...Italian wedding soup flavor was on closeout for 69 cents each. I used a coupon for 50 cents/2, which doubled, making them 19 cents each. I have never had it, but for 19 cents, I sure the heck am willing to try it!

I also found rectangle boxes of Kleenex on closeout for 59 cents a box. I used 50 cents/3 and got them all for 77 cents.

Another great deal was Jimmy Dean sausage. It was $1.99, and I still had 2 coupons to get free patties or links wyb roll sausage, and the links were $3!! So, for $4, I got 2 rolls, and 2 packages of links.

Sure deodorant was on closeout for $1.45 and I had $1 coupons, making them 45 cents each.

Carl Budding Deli cuts are on sale for $1.99, and I used $1 coupons to get the for $1 a pack. These are normally around $4.

I got Colgate Total free using $1.50 paper coupon and $1.50 cellfire coupon.

Johnson Buddies are still producing catalina coupons. I origially bought 3 using 3-$1 coupons. (They are $1.09) So, 27 cents for all 3. It produced a $3/3 coupon. I used that to buy 3 more, which also produced a coupon. So, until that promo ends, I get 3 for 27 cents every time I go.

Please note that has coupons for a lot of the sale items. There is a link to the left (one of the buttons) that will take you right to them. Often, they have high dollar coupons for things.

In the end, I spent $52.35 with a savings of $81.25.


Update on Westgate. After numerous calls, etc...I realize....they have me. There's not much I can do. Apparently, unless I used the vacation by July, there was ANOTHER $75 charge that they never told us about. So, if you are keeping up, they now want another $275 over the $800 I originally paid. FINALLY, the woman tells me they will upgrade the room (which I MUST do) for $100, and waive the $75. I had no choice, other than not go and forfeit $800. So, I paid the $100. Nothing more I can do. I will never EVER do business with this company again. EVER. However, I am going to do my best to enjoy this vacation in October, and take advantage of all they have to offer while I am there. I certainly paid for it.
Tomorrow, I hit Walmart. Have a great shopping day!

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