Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's day!

I have had a great week! We renewed our cell contract on Wednesday and I got my new phone...and LG Vu which I love, and I got a new grill...Thursday, my husband took off (he would have had to been at work that night, so he was off for the weekend) and we test drove some cars here in town. Then Friday, we drove to Evansville Indiana and went to an art store and some other places..we drove by a car lot that had excellent prices...and bought a 2006 Saturn Vue! And I LOVE it! Saturday, we went out with his mom and family, and today we had a cookout for my mom. My boys made me cards, and my little one planted me 2 flowers at prechool that he brought me home.

Shopping has been meh...I've gotten a few good deals, but my bottom line wasn't as great this week. HOWEVER, and this is totally a your mileage may vary type of thing, but I found 2 Miller Lite displays at my Kroger. One had $3 rebate when you buy $7.99 or more of ground beef (no beer purchase required) and one had a $10 rebate when you buy a grill priced $99 or more (no beer purchase required. SCORE! I will send off for both rebates.

Kroger is having some really good deals on certain items this week. Lettuce is .77 a head, 12 oz Oscar Mayer bologna is .99 (be careful not to get the 16oz because it is NOT on sale), Big K colas are $1.77 a 12 pack (and their diet Big K with Lime is awesome). There's a whole lot more, but that's what's off of the top of my head.

I have gotten all sorts of coupons from my writing campaign this week. I took some pictures of some of them that I will have to get posted.

I got:

2 $1/2 Seapak items
another sheet of coupons from Little Crow foods (miracle maize)
2 $3 off Field products
2 .55 on Bush beans
2 .55 Hungry Jack products
free John Morrell product

and Sister Schubert and Louis Kemp both have emailed that they are sending coupons. Some companies don't email, they just send them. Some just email and thanks, and that's ok, too. I need to make a list of companies to write this week as well.

Have a fabulous shopping day!

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