Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's the weekend!

I spent a good deal of time putting together that High School Musical pillow together for my 4 year old. Oh my gosh that was more time consuming than I ever thought a pillow was or should be!!!

I also cooked up some fresh green beans and if I have time tomorrow, I'll post pictures and how I make them. :)

I decided to write a few more companies this weekend.

Today I wrote:

On-Cor- asked them if they put out coupons because I can never find any.

Seapak- Love the shrimp. Love.

Bar S - complimented bologna and hot dogs

Ballpark- complimented hot dogs

Sara Lee- Complimented honey wheat soft and smooth bread. (best ever)

Idahoan potatoes- complimented their instant potatoes

Hungry Jack potatoes- ditto

KozyShack- love their ready grains.

Mrs Grissoms- love their pimento cheese and chicken salad

Field hot dogs- complimented hot dogs and bologna

Rhodes Dough- disappointed that I can't find more variety at Walmart

Frigo cheese- complimented cheese snacks and parm. cheese

John Morrell- complimented their smoked sausage

Ken's- complimented their salad dressings and marinades.

Miracle Maize- they are a part of Little Crow foods. I complimented them to customer service but they also have where you can request coupons here:

Louis Kemp- love their crab flakes

Hostess- complimented products, glad they are making 100 calorie packs

Bush's Baked beans- compliment

Tropicana- compliment

Florida Natural- complimented juice

Sister Schuberts- these are the best rolls in the world

I think that will be good for the weekend! LOL


I received in the mail yesterday and awesome package from (I have had a hysterectomy)
Inside was:

helpful pamplets and coupons
a sample of Doctor's choice multivitamins (3 tablets)
sample Chill cooling towel
sample cranberry supplement-1 chew
sample chocolate soy shake mix
20 day starter supply of Remifemin dietary supplement

I also got in the mail a free item coupon from Taco Bell because I wrote to tell them how dirty the store was that I visited last week. Well, maybe I can use it at another Taco Bell.

************************** (button to the left) had a $3 Huggies coupon, and several good Kelloggs coupons.


Have a great shopping day!

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