Monday, October 20, 2008

coupons and WG update

OK, so, let's talk about where you can get coupons (extra inserts)

1) Check with friends and family. They may not use coupons, or may not use all of theirs. See if they are willing to save some for you.
2)Look for recycling places. People recycle papers and often leave their inserts in them. Make sure you have permission before removing them, though.
3) If you subscribe to the paper, ask the carrier if there is any way they could bring you extra coupons. Some will.
4)Check your local Dollar Tree. Some carry Sunday papers for $1...not all do
5) Order them...You can order coupons at and whole inserts at
6) Check ebay for certain coupons if you know a sale is coming.
7) If all else fails, just buy the papers. Your savings will far outweigh the price. I recommend at least 3.

Some weeks there are no coupons. This usually falls right around a holiday. I will try to let you know in advance if there will not be any.

As for the Walgreens update: The Benefiber sticks count toward register rewards. The ad says 28 ct, but the 16 ct works. I did this today. Buy 3 16 ct Benefiber sticks at $7.99 each..use 3 of the $2 off coupons from this past week. Then, look in the EasySaver booklet for a $5 off will take off $5 for each one purchased. Your total will be $2.97 plus tax, and you will get an $8 register reward.

You can use these register rewards to buy things you need like milk, etc, or use them to buy things for the rebate. Send in for rebate, get a gift card, and get 10% added. Use the gift card to buy things that generate register rewards, and start all over.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email. :)

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  1. I'm so excited to get in on this Benefiber deal! I told DH about it and he was excited too... we actually use Benefiber around here (DH has a terrible digestive system) so it's awesome for us. :)

    I was at Dillon's (it's the same thing as Kroger's) and they had peelies attached to the Benefiber there. I didn't take it though because I wanted the people who actually bought it to use it. I am kinda weird about that...

    I showed DH the coupons by dede website and he's cleared the buying of the coupons deal now since he sees how we can actually MAKE money using coupons. He's totally excited that you can actually do this stuff.