Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Kmart run

I have to say, I am completely exhausted. I was at my Kmart for almost 2 hours. My before coupon total was $118, after, right at $20.
Here's a breakdown...

2 Revlon nail enamels (19 cents each after coupon)
1 pack of Revlon emery boards (free)
2 Revlon tweezers (3.97 each- these were not marked correctly, or I wouldn't have bought them, but they are nice)
1 Clearasil face wash (79 cents)
4 Gillette shampoos (free)
2 Dove shampoos (free)
Dove Hairspray (29 cents)
Sunsilk hairspray (free)
First aid tape (free)
First aid sterile pads (free)
2 Resolve carpet cleaners (50 cents each)
Ziplock vacuum sealer- (free)
Ziplock vacuum gallon bags (79 cents)
Endust (free)
Diego dixie plates (80 cents)
Pledge duster refills (50 cents)
Fantastik (69 cents)
2 milkbone dog treats (1.38/both)
2 packs Old El Paso tortillas (free)
2 Glade Wisp refills (free)
1 Glade Fabric and Air (79 cents)

The rest was tax. I am considering taking one of the tweezers back. I don't know. That, my friends, made me feel great. I may possibly go back tomorrow. Just for a couple of things.

I did ok at Walmart...$56.70 down to $36.82 Not great, but I'll live. I had a 4 year old with me, so it makes a difference.

Which is a good tip...leave the kiddies home whenever possible. They are distracting and often add to your bottom line.

Please, email with any questions.

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