Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Good deals!!!

I went and got my FAR items at Rite Aid yesterday. Most of them were in stock. I found that on the website, if you click the photo tab, and register for a new account, there will be a thing over to the side to get 50 free prints. You use code 50FREEPRINTS at checkout. You can then pick them up at Rite Aid in about an hour.

I noticed yesterday that Kroger has Ore Ida products 2/$4. There have been $1 off coupons for the Steam and Mash everywhere. $1 a package is pretty good. I can't buy potatoes these days that cheap, and there's no peeling or anything involved in these.

Be on the lookout...Look for free gift cards with transferred prescription coupons. Rite Aid often has them for $30 GC...these will work even on the $4, etc. prescriptions. Use the gift card to buy FAR(free after rebate) items. Walgreens, Kmart (if yours has a pharmacy) and CVS will often put out one for $25, and Kroger for $20. Read the fine print...sometimes you can only do it once within a 6 mont period, but you can move it around to different pharmacies. A word to the wise about Walgreens though....you no longer get the $4 prescriptions there unless you sign up for a W card..(you get the cheaper prescriptions and earn cash back for WG brand purchases). You have to pay for this card, though, and so far I haven't done it. As long as other stores are offering me $4 prescriptions without a card, I am not buying that card.

Arm and Hammer laundry detergent is on sale $2.99. Use this coupon:
get it for $1.99, then submit for the easysaver rebate online to make it 99 cents. (actually, 89 cents if you choose the gift card option, because they add 10% to the gift card.) Remember to just enter your receipt, and not claim because you can only do it once a month. There is a limit of 1 on this rebate.

A great deal on Zout...It's 2/$3.79. Buy 2. Use 2 of the 55 cent off coupons that came out recently. Then send in for the rebate here: http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=rjagfrg54762573&bt=wi&o=52886&c=DZ&p=Q2IOUlpA and make $1.10 for buying 2. (They should ring up with the first one as $3.79 and the second at $0, so you should get $3.79 back from the manufacturer)

GREAT deal on Dimetepp. They are on sale for $3.99, and you get $10 in register rewards when you buy 3. (Remember: register rewards are coupons to use on another order) Go to: http://www.dimetapp.com/ and click on the "save $2 on any Dimetapp product" link on the left. You should be able to print 3 coupons. Buy 3 Dimetapp with your coupons. With Register rewards, you make $4.03 buying 3 Dimetapp

Glade warmers are on sale $1.99. Buy 2, use the BOGOF coupon that came out a couple of weeks ago. You pay $1.99 for 2, then submit 2 for the Easysaver rebate, and make a penny. :)

There are other sales this week there, but these are the best.

There haven't been many good deals at CVS lately. If I find some great ones, I'll be happy to post them. So far, the ecb deals are kind of sad. They used to be really great, and I have hope they will be again. The best deal they have this week is get $5 ecb when you buy $10 worth of Swiffer. There was Swiffer coupons in the P&G insert recently.

WALMART- small bottles of Gillette SHAMPOO PLUS BODYWASH are on sale for $2. Use the $2 off Gillette shampoo to get them free. (These are not trial sizes, just smaller bottles- they are about 8 oz, I think)

Look for bonus packs of Mr Clean. A coupon just came out to buy a pourable, get a spray free or vice versa. WM has bonus packs with Free magic erasers attached for $2.50. So, for $2.50, you can get a pourable, spray, and 2 magic erasers.

*Be sure to look in packages before you throw them away. Sometimes coupons are inside!
*always watch for coupons ON products or on tearpads/blinkie machines on shelves. Store a couple of extra tearpad/blinkie coupons in your coupon box/binder.

*Do YOU have a good deal? Email me at dimestretchermom@gmail.com You could wind up in the blog!

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