Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hi there!

Did you get extra inserts? Are they cut out yet? If they aren't, don't feel bad..I have tons to cut out from I don't know how long ago...I did cut out at least 3 this weekend. At least aim for that, so you can take advantage of sales. I keep saying I'm going to hire the kids to do it, but haven't yet. The thought of my children with sharp instruments makes me a little nervous.

I made it to Kroger and Walgreens today, but just barely. My husband and children were with me, and he rushes me, and they are like shopping with baboons. I have several Cottonelle coupons to use before the 25th because these are for 50 cents off, and they have been putting out 40 cent ones. At 50 cents, doubled at Krogers, it makes the regular packs free. So, I picked up several inserts that day.

Walgreens...ok the plain flavor of the Alka Seltzer is the only one giving register rewards. If you pick up the flavors, they won't. Also, the St Ives Elements ARE $4.99, but they only printed a $2 RR. These are not in the ad, they were on a print out catalina as giving $5 in RR. I have heard the $2 RR actually scans at $5, but I cannot guarantee it, so it's your chance to take if you want to take it. I DID do the Theraflu deal today and it worked great. The Gillette Fusion razor giving the RR is the power one, so keep that in mind.

SUNDAY AND MONDAY ONLY AT CVS (remember, you must sign up for the Extra Care Card for CVS's free. For maximum value, use your ecbs - extra care bucks- to generate things that will give you ecbs):

Pumkin pails free after ECB..limit 2
Brach's Pumpkins, autumn mix, Indian or candy corn 10 oz- free after ecb
Funlight 6" light- free after ecbs, limit 2

Not limited to Sunday and Monday:
32 oz Powerade free after ecb..limit 1

Butler toothbrush 2 pack- free after ecb (coupons for these came out in August if you have them) Limit 5

Just for Men Touch of after ecb, limit one..use $2 printable
Get a rebate here: (you may have to copy paste that link)
This is a good moneymaker!!

Colgate Maxfresh w/ beads 4.6-6oz toothpaste or Maxfresh scented toothbrush ($2.99 )- $2 ecb. Use coupon found here:

Happy Shopping!


  1. Ok, I'm definitely loving your blog. I have to find out how to get extra inserts though! What's your favorite place to buy coupons with a relatively short turn around time?

    I'm wanting to jump on the Excedrin and Theraflu deals at Walgreens but I only have one coupon!

    BTW, this is PG. :)

  2. Hey! I am going to try to blog on it a little later...look for recycling centers..sometimes you can get extra inserts there. If you take the paper at home, ask your paper person if maybe they an bring you extra. Look at Dollar Tree if you have one on Sundays. Some carry the Sunday paper for $1 (mine doesn't) Ask family members and friends who don't use their coupons, or only use a few of them if you can have theirs. You can also buy extras from or from If all else fails, and it's going to be a good week coupon wise, you will almost always save more in coupons than the price of a Sunday paper. HTH :)