Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Special offer for my blog readers...the first 5 people who click and ad to the left, then email me at with their name and address will get a free coupon pack from me. These are coupons I have cut out from my inserts.

More hints for today:

If you have a Kroger, go to
and register your shopper card. You will be able to download up to 25 P&G coupons to your card at a time. Each coupon is only good ONCE. Be sure you print the list of what you added. Here's the great can use a paper coupon along with them. For instance, if toothpaste has a $1 coupon on your card, you can also use a $1 coupon you have cut out for a total savings of $2!!

Other stores may offer similar services, I am not sure. I know you can opt in for emails from Food Lion and they will send you coupons every so often. Walgreens also often has printable coupons at their site. Go to and opt in for thier emails and get coupons for $5 off a larger purchase. (these are also where the "junk" email address I told you to open comes in.)

Try to see if your store participates. They also load coupons to shopper cards. There is a mapquest over to the side to see if stores around you participate.

Also, if you can see a good sale coming up, or you just want to boost your coupons, check out ebay. You can often get lots of coupons really cheap. You can look for coupon bundles, or you can look by product. You can also look at a coupon clipping site like

Tomorrow, I will be going to Walmart, so I will look for sales there to pass along. Most people have a Walmart.

A word about dollar stores: I love Dollar Tree. It saves me a lot of money on stocking stuffers, smaller home items, frames, dishes, all sorts of stuff. Sadly, they do not take coupons.

Dollar General and Family Dollar both take coupons. However, the MAJORITY of the time, Walmart is cheaper. It didn't used to be that way, but now with the sales and coupons, it is. Sometimes, with sales and coupons, even grocery stores and drug stores can be cheaper. Be aware of the prices you would pay elsewhere before buying from there.

Consider using some of your cheap or free stockpile (as soon as you grow it, which won't take long) for Christmas gifts. Make nice little spa baskets for ladies, or food or grooming baskets for men. This will save you money on Christmas, birthdays, weddings (think cleaning products in a laundry basket), and many other occasions. Use your imagination.

You can also hold yard sales to sell off excess products. I wrote an article on holding yard sales. You can find it here:

I have also written other articles such as items to make housecleaning easier, saving money on electric bills, and various other articles. Please check them out. You can go to the link above and click "more articles by Jennifer Bell". Some of them might be useful to you.

One good "frugal" tip. I love my Swiffer Wet Jet. It doesn't take the place of mopping all of the time, but it does help with spills or small spots, and in-between moppings. The refill pads are crazy high. I bought the Sham-wow knock offs from someone selling them at the mall. I cut them to fit, and they somehow hold on the velcro. I use those to mop the floor, then just toss them in the washer. They seem expensive at first, but not taking into account all of the refill pads you will go through. They look like this: but I am fairly certain the ones from the mall were knock offs. Either way, they worked great.

Today's product review- Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning gel. It says it lasts up to 7 days. You click this little gel piece onto the side of your toilet bowl where the water flow can hit it. I used the fresh scent or whatever is not citrus. It stunk. Bad. It smells like a gas station bathroom. And it lasted 3 days. With 2 people using that bathroom. I wrote them and told them that. They are sending me a refund as well as a coupon to try the other scent. I guess I will for free. It can't be any worse. Just a heads up.

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