Saturday, October 25, 2008

new sales...

the weekly ad for Walgreens isn't looking too promising this week...but November Easysaver is out...

L'oreal age perfect pro-calcium radiance perfector 1.7 oz. up to $19.99 is free after rebate, limit 1
Almay one coat mascara is also free after rebate, limit 1 (wait to buy this until next week-Nov 2, when they will be BOGOF, and wind up with 2 free)

Those are 2 good items to spend you RR from this week on.

There are $2 rebates on Glade flameless candles, or scented oil candle 2 packs
There have been a lot of coupons for these out. I am also hoping that since there is a rebate, that there will be a good sale on them this month.

The Easysaver coupons this month expire on the 22nd (Nov), probably in preparation for Black Friday.

Rite Aid has lots of deals this week, but some are only for 3 days:

Charles Worthington Hair products are free after single check rebate (you only have to buy them during the correct period, and you cans til enter your receipt online, but you don't have to claim just yet) $6.99- only good Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday

Citre Shine miracle, serum, or aerosol FAR (free after rebate) $5.99- also Sunday, Monday and Tuesday - Look for a coupon on

Citre Shine Gloss, Mist or Pomade FAR $3.99- good Sun, Mon, &Tue

All week FAR's:

Kotex maxi-pads, pantyliners, or tampons- $3 Coupons were in the paper recently

Axe Shower gel or shower detailer tool (?)- $3.99

Loreal Age Perfect tinted moisturizer- $15.99

Denta Burst teeth cleaners- $1.99

Oral B Artica toothbrush- $2.49 (use recent 75 cent off coupon)

GE 6 outlet power strip- $5 (good deal!)

GE extension cord- $2

Adidas deodorant, body wash or spray- $3 (There were $1 off coupons in the paper in Sept)

Green dot prepaid mastercard or Visa $9.95 (I don't know how these work, so I can't say if it's a great deal or not)

Suave hand or body lotion- many coupons out- $1.99

Sally Hansen lip treatments are 25% and FAR up to $7.50

There are also tons of BOGOF items at Rite Aid this week.

Walmart: Barilla Piccollini pasta is around $ is $1 off coupon:
(this is a Bricks coupon. Remember to oush back on your browser a few times to print twice!)

Starkist Tuna creations are $1.48- use the recent $1 off coupon

$1 off coupons for Orville Redenbacher's new Lime and salt:

Have a happy shopping weekend!

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