Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Short blog ;)

A quick word about printable coupons. Coupons from websites- such as manufacturers' websites..are USUALLY a type of printable coupon called a Bricks coupon. Bricks is the company. If you have never printed one from them before, you will have to download an add-on. If it looks like this: it is a bricks coupon...see the "bricks" in the web address? These can generally be printed twice per computer by pushing the back button on your browser a few times after printing. The first time you push "back" it will tell you the web address cannot be displayed or something like that. Push back another time or 2 to get to the printing page.

Not all places take printable coupons. Check with your store. Walmart, Walgreens, and Kroger are supposed to, although sometimes Kroger will vary by store.

The coupon I linked to is a Johnson's Buddies coupon. The Johnson's Buddies soap is usually $1 or less at Walmart and Kroger, making these free. Look for similar coupons in parenting magazines, too. They will often have them.

SuperKmarts (the ones with grocery stores in them) are supposed to have double coupons this weekend to $2 again. Mine is not a SuperK. :(

Sign up (with your extra email) with stores you shop at most often. They will send coupons a lot. Especially Bath and Bodyworks. They send out coupons for free stuff all of the time. Be sure to agree to get mail from them, too. Food Lion will also send coupons for their store weekly, if you have a Food Lion nearby.

I am going to try to hit Walmart tomorrow. I will let you know what I find!! :)

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