Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Thursday!

Boy, have we been having a washer broke, my desktop crashed...*whew*

Look here: for South Beach coupons and, if you or anyone in your household have diabetes, to sign up for the Kraft Good eating, Good living program to get a welcome kit, coupons, recipes, etc. While you are at the Kraft website, sign up for the Food and Family newsletter and magazine. They have great recipes, and often, coupons.

I recommend you purchase (every month :P) The All You magazine at Walmart. The only place you can get it is Walmart or through a subscription. Reason being, it often has a lot of great coupons in it. Sometimes I will actually buy 2 or 3 if the coupons are good enough.

A tip about KMART....scan clearance items you are interested in if your store has scanners around. They are sometimes cheaper than they say on the package. There SHOULD be a date on the price label. If it is recent, it probably won't scan cheaper. If it's a month or so old, it may. I have gotten tons of Christmas presents this way. I got very expensive Sponge Bob lego sets for $3 and they were marked $25. Always scan at Kmart.

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