Thursday, October 9, 2008

Walmart, Kroger, and other things..

I did pretty decent today at both places. My subtotal at Walmart before coupons was $61.77, and after it was $34.61. I also bought paint and stuff I couldn't use coupons on. Here are some good deals for you:

Febreze Noticeables starter kits are still $5.97...I read through the middle of November, they would be this price. Limited edition Christmas sets are out, too. Use the $5 coupon from the recent P&G insert and pay only 97 cents each. (which is why you get multiples!!!- remember, ebay if nothing else!)

Smart Taste pasta is regularly $1.50. There were just $1.00 off coupons in the paper. 50 cents for pasta these days is pretty good, and this is a good pasta.

Green Giant steamers are $1.23 if you buy the ones with no extra butter sauce, etc. ($1.82 if you do) and there were just recent $1.00 off coupons in the paper. I have lots of these, so I get them for 23 cents a bag.

Sunkist Tuna creations are $1.58, and there were $1.00 off coupons in the paper a few weeks ago. I make wraps from these. They come in different flavors.

I also got foccacia bread (and I probably spelled that wrong) for 60 cents on the mark down rack. I love the mark down rack.

Some people are finding Gillette Fusion gift packs at their Walmarts on clearance for $5. The $4 razor coupons should work on them. My Walmart was out. :( Would have made good gifts!!

I had b1g1f coupons for my soft cat food. I bought 2, got 2 free, and I had buy 4 get 1 free on dog food. Not as good, but I need it.

I also priced matched a Glade Wisp candle for $5.99 (from Walgreens) and used a $5 off coupon on it.

There were some good deals today.

At Kroger, I went with my card loaded with P&G coupons from the website, and coupons from Remember, you can use paper coupons as well.

I found a $15 bag of Iams cat food marked down to $7.99 because the bag had been torn. I had a coupon from Iams that I had sent for that was for a free 2.2lb bag OR $7 off a larger bag. I also had loaded a coupon onto my card for $3 off a 7lb or larger bag. The register took off the entire amount. +$2

Used a $5 febreze noticeables coupon with the $5 loaded one. Free, +$2

Cottonelle toilet paper is 99 cents, with the recent 50 cent coupons from the paper doubled, it is free.

I bought the last 2 Butterball Deep fried turkey packs for free. (99 cents on closeout, and $1 off coupons) They are in the freezer.

I bought some marked down chicken and boston butt roast, and will make meals from them tomorrow to freeze for later. All in all, I saved $77.80 at Kroger, and my out of pocket was $38.12. (That's $115.92 in stuff!!)

Something else that might interest you. There is a program called Buzzagent. You can read about it here: You sign up for free and they send you stuff to try. You tell others about the stuff and submit reports (I rarely write more than a paragraph or 2). In return, you get points for Mypoints (remember, I told you about Mypoints?) Whatever they send you is yours. They also usually send great coupons with them. I have received a free Sonicare toothbrush from them (a VERY expensive one), cleaning products, food products, etc. They are called campaigns and you have to be invited. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can be invited. Today, I received a coupon for free 4 pack of Smuckers uncrustables, several 75 cent off coupons, and a uncrustables sandwich holder. All for free. I will try them, let people know how I like them, and get points for Mypoints for it to add toward getting a gift card.

Also sign up at You don't HAVE to do anything with them, and they send coupons and things all of the time. Be sure to use your extra email address, not your main one. There are places to take small surveys and things for them.

I hope something today helps you!!

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