Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Monday!

First, here is where you can get a prinable coupon for the Ore Ida Steam and Mash I reviewed the other day.

Second, something great is going on at Walgreens! Glade Wisp Flameless candles are on sale for $5.99 this week. You get $3 in register rewards when you purchase one. Recently, there were $5 coupons in the paper, meaning, you make $2 by buying one. If you don't have that coupon, and can't find one, there is a buy one get one free here:

You will NOT get 2 register rewards. Only one per transaction. You also cannot use your register rewards to buy another flameless candle to generate rewards. If you use it on the candle, another will not print. Keep that in mind. I will go a couple of times this week.

If you don't have a Walgreens nearby, but DO have the coupon, price match it at Walmart, and get the candle for 99 cents. Not free or a money maker, but darn cheap. I really like these. The candles still work if you take the scent out, so it's just a winner all around.

Garnier Fructis is on sale there, too. $5.99...there is a $3 coupon in their easy saver booklet, and several $1 off coupons floating around, making them $1.99. Some stores even have $2 off tearpad, making them 99 cents each.

Glade Scented oil candles are $3.99, and there are $2 off coupons out. They are also on the Easy saver rebate for $2 back, limit 4, making 4 free. (remember, you can do this online- you don't have to buy 4, you can buy any amount up to 4 to get free)

The refills for these are on sale for $1.99. There are buy 2, get 1 free coupons out, so you can get 3, send for the rebate of $1 each in the easy saver book (yes, the free counts) and pay 98 cents for all 3.

For what it's worth, Glade has been on sale all over lately. My house will smell nice, at least. I probably have enough to scent the neighborhood for a year. Hope they like apple cinnamon.

I hope now you are getting a better understanding of how to do these. I hope to post some deals for you very week, and I encourage you to scour your ads!!!

Now, several days ago, I mentioned writing companies. A while back, I did a little experiement and posted my responses on my message board..(a women's board I run) So, I thought I would post that here to give you the idea of what you can do.

Garnier Nutrioniste-thanks

Cottonelle- thanks, sending coupons *sent c's for wipes and toilet paper both

Clorox- thanks

Del Monte veggies and fruits- sent coupons- no email

Meow Mix-thanks, sending coupons *received

Alpo- thanks, sending coupons 4 free cans coupons

Purell- thanks, asked me to call because I asked a question

Ragu- thanks, sent coupons

Country Crock- thanks, sending coupons sent coupons for a free container of CC butter and a free container of CC sides

GladeVenus Razors- this one was a negative experience (blades started to rust right away!)sending new razor

Boca Burgers - thanks

Green Giant- thanks

Bob Evans- thanks, sent coupons

Johnsonville sausage- thanks, sent coupons *sent dollar off coupons and recipes

Purex- sent LOTS of coupons, and not just for Purex..for other things they make, too. They are Dial.

Mucinex- thanks, sent coupons *several $2 off coupons

Thermacare- thanks

Eucerin- thanks

All Small and Mighty- thanks, told me there were frequently coupons on the website.

Bertolli- thanks (this was positive, however, once I had one of their frozen meals that was supposed to include had like 3 pieces. I told them I was disappointed, and they sent me coupons for a free one to replace it)

Wellpatch- sent coupons for Wellpatch plus other products they have. There was no mention of them sending coupons in their email, they just did.

Crayola-told them their twistable crayons are crap..they came all out of the casings- sorry, sent $5 coupon good on any crayola product

Crest (that whitening rinse is NASTY)- we're sorry, sent coupons *free coupon

Lysol- thanks

Burt's Bees- thanks

Carmex- thanks

Chicken of the Sea-sent coupons!

Starkist- thanks, sent coupons

Campbells- thanks, sent coupons

Frigo- thanks, sent coupons *sent 2

Field hot dogs and bologna- sent GREAT coupons

Windex- praised the multi surface, sent me coupon for a free one.

Orville Redenbacher- thanks, sent coupons

Banquet- thanks, sent coupons

Pop Weaver- thanks, sent coupons for 2 free boxes!!

Dannon- thanks, sent coupon for free yogurt and cents off yogurt

Hefty- sent coupon for free product

Skinny Cow- coupons

Aleve- sent coupons for them and other products by the same company

Smart Balance- sent a brochure with lots of coupons in the back

I really advise you set up a email address for couponing and other things I will talk about later. That way, nothing junks up your main email. Be sure to check it though! Often, after you have emailed, etc, you will get emails from them with coupons inside.

Today's post was much longer than I expected. I hope you got something out of it today!

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